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55% Aluminium Zinc Alloy Coated Steel Sheet

AL ZN COAT is highly heat-and-corrosion resistant, combining the properties of aluminum that render increased durability, excellent heat resistance, and formability, and those of zinc that offer high heat resistance and excellent corrosion protection. AL ZN COAT is three to six times more corrosion resistant than regular zinc coated steel sheet, with a 20-year warranty for residential use. 

Composition of coated layers


Cross section of the coated layers


Product features      

Excellent Durability

AL ZN COAT is three to six times more corrosion resistant than zinc coated steel sheet of the same thickness. 20 year warranty for residential use. 

Heat Resistance

The capacity ratio of the aluminum in the coated layer of AL ZN COAT is high at over 80%. It will withstand a prolonged temperature of 315 degrees Celsius without discoloration or oxidization. 

Heat Reflectivity

AL ZN COAT is highly energy efficient, with superior heat reflectivity and low heat consumption. 

Smooth surface

AL ZN COAT with its beautiful light silver spangle is excellent for decorative use. 


Available in widths of five feet (MAX 1600), AL ZN COAT reduces the loss, suitable for ducts and construction use.

Excellent to paint on

Paint is highly adhesive to the coated layer of AN ZN COAT, compared to galvanized steel plates.

Great Workability

The workability of AL ZN COAT is similar to that of galvanized steel sheet. Its ability to suppress fine cracks on the coating layer enhances the durability of the treatment area.



Production availability

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Classification by Coating Weight

class by coat.JPG

Classification by post-treatment


Product Performance      


AL ZN COAT is three to six times more corrosion resistant than regular zinc coated steel sheet. The sheared surface is resistant to corrosion and stretch, better than aluminum coated steel sheet. We provide a 20-year guarrantee for residential use.

  • Corrosion Test (Outdoor Exposure Test)

Galvanized steel is subjected to a continuous rate of corrosion, whereas the corrosion of AL ZN COAT tends to slow down over time. This outstanding corrosion resistance is attributed to the anti-corrosion properties in the coated layer.

  • Exposure test comparing levels of corrosion (test period: 13 years)
  • Results of exposure tests conducted in a coastal region (Test period: 13 years)
  • Salt spray test on AL ZN COAT Steel Sheet

AL ZN COAT delays first occurrence of rust far longer than GI.


Heat Resistance

The ratio of the aluminum in the coated layer of AL ZN COAT is high at over 80%. AL ZN COAT will withstand temperature of 315 degrees Celsius for a long period without discoloration or oxidization. 

  • Rate of oxidization from continuous heat
rate ox.gif
  • Heat Resistance of AL ZN COAT Steel Sheet
  • Comparison of corrosion resistance at high temperatures

480℃ ~ 540℃, AL ZN COAT < AL COAT
590℃ ~ 650℃, AL ZN COAT = AL COAT
700℃ or higher, AL ZN COAT > AL COAT

Heat Reflectivity

Its superior heat reflectivity yields increased energy efficiency, making it an excellent material for the interior of electronic home appliances. Used as a roofing material, AL SuperGalum will inhibit the rise of a building’s temperature, thereby lowering the cost of air conditioning. Food storage buildings made with SuperGalum enjoy the additional benefit of having stored grains protected from quality change.

  • Comparison of heat reflectivity by product

Organic Coating Process      

Organic film treatment on the coated layer of the AL ZN COAT steel sheet, which is applied to the in-line coater, includes acryl resin organic film containing 1~2㎛ chromate. In comparison with the temporary corrosion resistant property of the conventional chromate applied in post-treatment, AL ZN COAT offers the following functions.

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Lubricated (No need for additional lubrication oil)
  • Easy to paint
  • Fingerprint resistance

Structure of organic films


Production process of organic film layers




 Roofing material, side-wall material, partition, soundproof wall, duct, shutter, garage door, fencing, corrugated steel pipe, lightweight steel 


Automotive components

Muffler, Exhaust silencer, Exhaust pipe (Tail pipe), Oil filter tube, Bus floor, Truck bottom, Air cleaner cover, Hose clamp, Brake pad cover


Home appliances

Vending machine, Gas boiler, Gas oven, Toaster, Air conditioner/heater, Washing machine, Lampshade



Greenhouse pipe, Silo, Tobacco leaf dryer, Grain dryer, Farm machinery, Greenhouse panel 


Industrial Machinery

Industrial Equipment, Thermal insulation, Water heater, Heat exchanger, Dryer, Waste incinerator, Container