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Prepainted Steel Sheet with Polyvinylidene Fluoride Coating

※ PVDF: poly vinylidene fluoride 

  • Coated and baked with symmetric structured poly vinylidene fluoride, containing fluoride, which is an inert element
  • High weather and chemical resistance from the outstanding strength of the molecular bond of poly vinylidene fluoride
  • High-quality pre-painted special steel sheet backed by a 20-year weather resistance guarantee

Atomic energy and wavelength (㎛)

- Sandwich panel - Roof panel - Coastal factory complex

- Sandwich panel
- Roof panel
- Coastal factory complex

Cross section of painted product      


Applied materials      

Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (KS D 3506, GI)

The cold rolled steel sheet passes through a molten zinc pot containing 97% zinc (0.03% or less AL), undergoing the galvanizing process, which gives each side of the sheet and equal thickness of coating.
Depending on the surface treatment of the plated sheet, the sheet is categorized into regular spangle, minimized spangle, or zero spangle ultra smooth, which are symbolized as R, M, Z, respectively. Ultra smooth material is applied to our prepainted steel sheet in the production process.

Surface types for hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (GI)

zero s.gif

While an increased volume of coating enhances the anti-corrosion properties of galvanized steel sheet, the workability is inevitably decreased. Anti-corrosion properties, workability, tension, and elongation must be taken into consideration when selecting plates.

  1. The normal wall thickness of galvanized steel plates refers to the thickness of pre-coated steel plates. The clearance of the machine, therefore, must account for the thickness of the zinc plating indicated in Table 1 as well as the coating thickness (usually 25μ).
  2. Zinc flacks may stick inside the metallic pattern during the deep drawing process, requiring extra caution be taken as this may damage the coating's exterior
  3. Lubrication oil used in treatment shall not contain chlorine or phosphoric acid, which reacts to zinc. Table 1 shows the zinc weight and coating thickness for hot-dip galvanized steel sheet used for prepainted steel sheet. These figures are adopted by KS (Korean Standards), JIS (Japan Industrial Standards), and ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials).


Table 1 - Weight and thickness of zinc coating


Special hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (KS D 3770, SGL)

Zn/AL alloy coated steel sheet as well as galvanized sheet, is available for products requiring particularly high-workability and high-durability. Table 2 lists the applications and contents of these sheets.


Table 2 - Applications of Zn/AL alloy coated steel sheet


Size availability       


Test Items      


Applied specifications 

KS D 3520
JIS G 3312
ASTM A 653