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Electrolytic Tinplate / Tin-free Steel

TP is 0.14~0.6 mm thin cold-rolled steel (black plate) electro-plated with tin.Its shiny surface finish, superb corrosion resistance and formability make the tin plate an ideal choice for food industry and industrial parts manufacturers. TFS is chrome plated steel sheet and widely accepted as a more economical substitute for the tin coated steel. Our TP/TFS products are commonly used in the production of 3-piece and 2-piece (D&I, DRD) cans as well as can lids and bottoms. Our products serve a variety of purposes, including material for steel EOE, toys, and electronic equipment parts.


Product features

Tin Plate (TP): In addition to its elegant shining surface, tin plates possess superb corrosion resistance, formability, weldability, and printability. Such unique properties allow the tin plates to be used in a broad range of applications including beverage cans, food cans, oil cans, paint cans, aerosol cans, bottle caps, cable and electronic parts.
Tin Free Steel (TFS): Lower in price than tin plates, tin free steel boasts superior lacquer and paint adhesion and strong resistance against corrosion. Tin free steel is used in the production of cans, containers, electric equipment parts, home appliances and cables.


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Special Applications      


DR.-TP and DR-TFS are double reduced. Rolled black plate goes through high temperature annealing and gets re-rolled to 10~45% by DCR (double cold reduction) roller. Its high levels of rigidity and strength enables the thinner DR-TP/TFS to display an identical level of durability of the SR (single reduced) TP. So DR-TP & TFS is lighter in weight and more cost effective.

Ultra Thin TFS

Ultra thin 0.15mm TFS features high heat tolerance and superior formability. While mainly used for optical cables and copolymer coated steel tapes, it has recently experienced a remarkable growth rate of 30% due to the explosive use of cellular phones and high-speed communications networks built nation-wide.

Extra Wide TP/TFS

Answering the demand of can manufacturers for enhanced productivity, steelmakers with advanced technology, have started producing extra-wide tin plates and tin free steel plates (TP/TFS). We provide tin plates and tin free steel with width measurements up to 1,220 mm.

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Packing and marking 


Our tin plate is packed with special care to endure handling and transportation for a long of time. Special care is given to prevent abrasion, rust and scratches. A single package unit contains 1,000 to 1,800 sheets.


Each package is marked with the product name, specifications, coating weight, thickness, dimensions, temper, number of sheets contained, net weight, gross weight, lot number, package number, package date and origin. Other marks may be added upon request. An inspection card inside the package provides identical information.